Build your Bone health through Ayurveda

Our body's strength and structure come from our bones. They hold the muscles together and
protect us from injury. It is crucial to provide the bones with the right nourishment. We must take
care of our bones since they begin to deteriorate as we age, unlike other bodily parts like our
organs. Women require special attention since they are more likely to have a vata disease.

Ayurveda provides a variety of straightforward nutritional tips for promoting strong bones at any

Bone health and the vata dosha

According to Ayurveda, decreased bone mass and bone thinning might result from an imbalance
in the mind-body energy known as VATA dosha, which is connected to air and ether. The vata
dosha has cold, dry properties.  The same attributes of dryness and irregularity in the bones
might result from an imbalance in vata. So it's crucial to keep the Vata dosha in balance.

Vata Dosha-Balancing Foods

Warm, moist, unctuous, and grounding foods are highly effective at restoring the balance of the
Vata dosha. Think of dishes like soups, stews, stir-fries, and warm tea. Along with seeds and
nuts, which are an excellent source of calcium, a vital ingredient in the development of strong
bones, healthy fats like ghee and olive oil are also advantageous. Calcium content in almonds is
extremely high. So, incorporating them is beneficial.

Foods That Make Vata Dosha Worse

Raw meals (such as salads) that are cold (such as ice cream or ice-cold beverages) that are dry
(such as crackers or frozen foods) or highly processed (such as dry breakfast cereals, etc.) tend to
irritate Vata. Whenever possible, try to stay away from meals that increase vata.

Ayurvedic foods for bone health

There are calcium abundant foods available for consumption

1) Organic milk and dairy products
2) Sesame seeds
3) Almonds, walnuts, pistachio
4) Figs
5) Yogurt (buttermilk- good source of pro-biotics)

Sesame seeds deserve a special call out here as they are highly celebrated as source of
calcium in ayurveda. Theses seeds are extremely warming, increases pitta if consumed
irrelevantly, and restores body and mind associated with fire and water element.
Milk is a great source of calcium and is wonderful for growing kids, teenagers, pregnant
women, nursing mothers and recovering patients, for vata aggravation and sometimes for

pitta aggravation as well. Ayurveda recommends adding spices and herbs before
consumption as it is heavy to digest.

So with simple home remedies one can take good care of their bone health.