Bone and Muscle health: Ayurveda approach

Bone is a very essential component of our body it enables movement, safeguards other organs, stores keep minerals and create white blood cells and red blood cells. Living cells packed in organic mineral materials make up bones. Collagen makes up the majority of the organic component, whereas calcium, phosphate, and hydroxyapatite salts make up the inorganic component.

Whereas our ability to move is aided by the body tissue known as muscle. Skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles are the three different types of muscles. Healthy muscles are responsible for moving around, maintaining balance, and breathing, digesting food, urinating, giving birth, and controlling body temperature.

What is the need for bone and muscle strength?

Our bones undergo constant modification and so are the muscles. New bone is created by breaking old bone. Younger ages see a faster rate of bone growth. The production of new bones slows down as one ages. Without proper muscular growth there is no growth or health of the bones. Hence taking care of both is very essential. 

Through various Ayurvedic therapies we can maintain the health and restore health as well with following methods. 

Ayurveda described several therapies that improved bone and muscular health. Treatments include pottalies (Mamsakizhi, NjavaraKizhi, and NjavaraTheppu), oil massage (Abhyangam), and Panchakarma (purification) procedures, primarily medicated enema (Basti).

Massage with oil (Abhyangam)

In daily regular practises, oil massage is explained. Preferably, a massage will include the tailams  Dhanwantharam, Koottam  chukkadi, Ksheerabala, Karpooradi, and Chinchadi. Healthy skin and muscles are maintained with oil massage.

Application Pottali

In Ayurveda, various types of potties are explained. Njavara rice is recommended while making pottali, which is typically cooked with meat for bone and muscular health. Both have been shown to have an impact on bone and muscle problems.

Procedure for purification known as Panchakarma: Basti (medicated enema)

In Ayurvedic scriptures, various medication types are described for basti (medicated enema). Among them, those made with milk are beneficial for building strong bones and muscles.

Decoctions for internal medicines (Kashayams)

Dhanwantharam Kashayam MaharasnadiKashayam

Guggulu tikthakam  Kashayam

Kashayam  Rasnerandadi

All such therapies and internal medications can be adopted under ayurvedic  doctors guidance.