Ayurveda, the science of life, offers all-inclusive strategies to address any health issues. But this Indian medical system has other benefits as well. In order to maintain your desired weight while caring for your physical and emotional health, you can also find useful diet-related solutions. Kids experience the same thing as adults. Ayurveda has certain fundamental ideas that can be used to give children the nourishment they need.

There are many nutritious meal choices available for kids that satisfy all six tastes: sweet, salty, sour, pungent, astringent, and bitter. The body is significantly impacted by each of them. Additionally, when children's diets are properly managed, their bodies receive all the nutrients required for growth.

It is crucial to comprehend the relevance of a well-balanced ayurvedic diet for your children, whether you are a new parent or an experienced one. Learn about your child's constitution and any imbalances so you can provide him a diet that will help nourish and build him. So grab a seat and read our in-depth article on putting up an Ayurvedic diet as well as our advice on feeding your kids.

  1.        Usage of whole foods – now a days, people are attracted towards processed and canned food products. These contain harmful chemicals and are completely unhealthy. Instead opt for fresh cooked meals like, dal, rice, fresh vegetable and roti. 
  2.        Good fats – we fear fat, but some amount of good fat is crucial for our body to process certain hormones. Home-made or any authentic source of ghee should be incorporated in daily diet. 
  3.        Use of spices – huge variety of spices is available in the Indian market, used for variety of food items, dishes. They also possess huge health benefits. Should be consumed daily with milk. 
  4.         Always serve warm cooked meal, and avoid wrong food combinations. Combinations such as milk and fruits, non veg and milk products.
  5.        Exercise, fun activities to boost mood and growth.
  6.       Sleep – proper amount of sleep is again essential for the growth of a child. 

     Ayurveda for child’s nutrition is very wholesome experience. Every individual is different and so will be their need. Hence, for a child to be healthy one need to take a 1:1 consultation to get the utmost benefit for their health.