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Millions of people are today confronting high blood pressure and they are accepting it as a part of their life. This condition was rather uncommon a few decades ago but the incidence of it has now increased multifold. High blood pressure which is also called as hypertension is characterized by the occurrence of more than normal pressure on the inner walls of the arteries when the blood is pumped through them. This happens when the inner diameter of the arteries gets reduced with time and the blood finds less of space to move through thus increasing the pressure. The narrowing down of the arteries is due to the building up of plaque on the inner walls and this happens gradually. Experts have put the imbalanced lifestyle and improper fooding at the core of this condition; while genes and mental stress are also counted as the catalysts for the development of this condition.

The building up of plaque is actually due to the presence of excess lipids and cholesterol in the blood. These lipids begin to accumulate slowly on the walls of arteries thus narrowing them.


When this happens in the coronary (heart) arteries then it can choke the blood flow thus causing angina and even stroke & death! The condition of high blood pressure, therefore, needs to be tackled as early as possible; and if left untreated, it can lead to other health complications like chronic kidney disease and dementia among others.

Ayurveda and hypertension

Despite hypertension claiming large numbers of lives each year, the modern medical system has failed to offer a satisfactory cure; and we only find drugs meant to lower the pressure. These drugs actually do not attempt to cure the root cause of the condition! However, Ayurveda, has the effective cure for hypertension! Ayurveda offers to cure every ailment in the human body through the holistic rejuvenation that is done with yoga counseling and herbs of vital value. Ayurveda recommends a gradual change in the lifestyle as also the fooding habits so as to bring down the level of undesirable lipids and cholesterol that are at the root of hypertension.

Ayurveda mandates a combination of pranayamas (the breathing exercises) that need to be performed in specific postures or asanas. These breathing exercises should be first learned through a trained yoga counselor for the best results!.This coupled with the administration of authentic Ayurvedic medicines develops regeneration characteristics and the body begins to recover from the stressed states (mental exhaustion is also relieved).


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