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Control diabetes effectively through the time-tested Ayurvedic therapies!

Diabetes has emerged almost as a pandemic around the world. It is claiming millions of lives every year while large numbers of people have found their life quality getting deteriorated through it. The pathetic fact relating to this condition is that it develops slowly and the person never knows. More ironic is the fact that it is contingent on the lifestyle that we adopt in our day to day routine including our food habits. Despite a lot of information and awareness that is being spread by the institutions and experts, the trend is upswing and the cases are rising steeply in numbers. As of 2015, no less than 415 million people were diagnosed with diabetes and it is responsible for a minimum of 1.5 million deaths per year.

Diabetes or more precisely diabetes mellitus is the condition characterized by the excess of sugar level in the blood. This has been traced to either lack of insulin hormone (that is produced by the pancreas) or the body's cells not responding to the available insulin in the blood circulation. While in the former case, it is called as type 1 diabetes, the latter is termed as type 2 diabetes.


Ayurveda and diabetes

The modern allopathic medicine system has failed to find a cure for it and only treats the symptoms or the complications of it that are an array! However, Ayurveda adopts a different healing approach towards all the diseases and particularly diabetes! Ayurveda bases itself as a holistic healing system and its therapies are aimed at complete rejuvenation of the body processes. This involves correction of the anomalies that are present in the body in the form of hormonal imbalances, unwarranted toxins and residues, pollutants and such other undesirable functions that have set in. It is interesting to note that diabetes development has been also linked with improper lifestyles that cause distortions in generic chemicals and hormones (insulin).

Ayurveda relies on the twin components of yoga and the use of special herbs that have been mentioned for curing insulin discrepancies and resistance in the human body. Yoga is also complemented with meditation exercises that involve a balancing of the brain chemicals and especially the pituitary gland.

These coupled with the dedicated herbs like Ocimum sanctum (the holy basil – regarded as the wonder herb in Ayurveda) generates the positive effects at the core and hence the resurrections are achieved. A well-trained practitioner of yoga counsels the exact set of yoga exercises including the pranayama (the breathing patterns), asanas (the postures) and the meditation schedules.


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Diabetes cure at Ayushastra

Ayushastra through Ayurvedic therapies and with the use of herbs that are mandated in the chronicles offers to control diabetes. These formulations go through very stringent quality controls and best manufacturing practices and contain the many herbs as recommended in ayurveda best suited to control diabetes.