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Heart diseases have now become the common ailments in the global society. More and more people are reporting problems relating to heart and facing cardiac conditions that affect their lives and living badly. It is ironic that most such issues are developed slowly as a result of improper lifestyles and food habits that the modern social dwellers have adopted in the last few decades. When the sedentary lifestyles have become the norm, especially in the urban societies, the incidences of stroke, increased cholesterol, and high blood pressure has also increased significantly. In the absence of a healthy routine and least of physical activity in life, the grip of heart diseases increases fast. Even children are now being diagnosed with the heart problems and show up symptoms like breathlessness, distorted lipid profiles and many more.

Heart disease

Ayurveda and heart diseases

While the modern medical science and allopathy have made rapid strides in the last decades and we have dedicated drugs, these fail to address the root causes of the heart diseases. From the medical perspective, most heart problems are inter-related and have common causes that are in turn related to the lifestyle factors of diversity. Ayurveda which is the ancient science of healing offers the cure for various heart problems that we are facing in our lives. Ayurveda was developed centuries ago by the learned sages in India and they chronicled their findings that are still preserved and made use of by the specialist practitioners.

Ayurveda as a body of medical knowledge is more devoted to the holistic healing of the human body and it attempts this through some vital recommendations of generic value. These counsels ask the people to ensure proper lifestyle including healthy fooding habits so that the resurrections are set in. Since the majority of the heart diseases are caused due to faulty and imbalanced food intake for a long time, reverting to proper diets offers desired results.

Ayurvedic cures for heart diseases include yoga and vital herbs

Ayurveda relies much on the authentic principles of yoga and the herbs of value that have been listed for curing heart ailments. Yoga pranayama (the breathing exercises) and asanas (the postures) form the core of the treatment plan for the heart disorders, especially those which are derived from increased cholesterol like hypertension, coronary artery disease, and the cardiovascular disease.

The pranayamas are the special breathing exercises that are meant to detoxify the body and its processes of all the unwarranted substances that have accumulated through improper lifestyles and skewed fooding habits. The pranayamas if done properly and regularly, also balance the three core components of vata, pitta, and kapha in the human body. Ayurveda maintains that every disease condition is developed as a result of an imbalance between these three components. The pranayams and asanas have to be complemented with the authentic prescription of Ayurvedic medicines that work from within to restore the good balance.


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