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Maintain good liver and kidney health with Ayurvedic therapies

Liver and kidney are the important organs of the human body and these perform the vital functions to ensure life and health for the person. However, these organs have become prone to various diseases, infections and conditions which could be even life-threatening! The reason is the changing lifestyles and the foods that we are consuming in our day to day life. We continue to take the liver and kidney functions for granted until the problem is aggravated and an emergency arises.

Liver aids in food digestion and especially fat emulsification while kidneys continuously filter the blood to remove the unwarranted substances like excess sugar, urea, and toxins so that their ill implications are averted. Liver diseases generally involve the infections that are caused by bacteria. Jaundice and Hepatitis A and B are the common diseases that can get worse if left untreated. Kidneys are also affected by infections of diversity and get weak with time.


What Ayurveda says for liver and kidney health?

While modern medicine system has discovered the whole array of medicines and treatments for the diseases that affect liver and kidneys, permanent cures are still elusive for the people who never feel the satisfaction and health from within.

Liver and kidney disorders and especially infections are attempted in Ayurveda through the holistic rejuvenation techniques. These are meant to generate the vitality and vigor in the human body that has been slowed down by contaminants, pollution in daily life, improper fooding and lifestyles devoid of physical activity. Ayurveda counsels the practice of yoga and the use of authentic herbs that have been listed by the sages for curing the diseases of liver and kidney. Pranayams are also recommended to balance the three fundamental values in the human body which are – vata, pitta and kapha. Ayurveda maintains that every ailment or disease is caused by the mutual imbalance of these three components in the body. Therefore, correcting them can restore the good life! Pranayams need to be performed in well-defined postures or the asanas to maximize the benefits.

To clear the infectious load that is present in the body and especially in the liver and kidney, the person needs to take specially formulated medicines that are derived from the herbs and other natural products. Panchakarma process is also performed in a customized manner to detoxify the body.

Ayushastra through Ayurvedic therapies and with the use of herbs that are mandated in the Ayurveda text offers to treat liver & Kidney diseases. These formulations are prepared using best manufacturing practices and go through very stringent quality controls and contain many herbs recommended in ayurveda best suited for liver & kidney health.

Ayurveda as a body of medical knowledge is more devoted to the holistic healing of the human body and it attempts this through some vital recommendations of generic value. These counsels ask the people to ensure proper lifestyle including healthy fooding habits so that the resurrections are set in. Since the majority of the heart diseases are caused due to faulty and imbalanced food intake for a long time, reverting to proper diets offers desired results.

Ayurvedic cures for heart diseases include yoga and vital herbs

Ayurveda relies much on the authentic principles of yoga and the herbs of value that have been listed for curing heart ailments. Yoga pranayama (the breathing exercises) and asanas (the postures) form the core of the treatment plan for the heart disorders, especially those which are derived from increased cholesterol like hypertension, coronary artery disease, and the cardiovascular disease.

The pranayamas are the special breathing exercises that are meant to detoxify the body and its processes of all the unwarranted substances that have accumulated through improper lifestyles and skewed fooding habits. The pranayamas if done properly and regularly, also balance the three core components of vata, pitta, and kapha in the human body. Ayurveda maintains that every disease condition is developed as a result of an imbalance between these three components. The pranayams and asanas have to be complemented with the authentic prescription of Ayurvedic medicines that work from within to restore the good balance.


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Ayushastra offers to cure liver diseases effectively!

Ayushastra has developed core competencies in the application of Ayurvedic principles for the treatment and cure of liver diseases of diversity. Its specialist Ayurvedacharyas on board offers the authentic advice and counseling including the lifestyle changes that are required for best results and swift recovery from the liver problems.