Why is CHOLESTEROL a severe health hazard, according to AYURVEDA?

Ayurveda are the ancient Vedic health scriptures that have elaborately discussed the negative impacts of Medha Dhatu or cholesterol on the health of an individual. Medha Dhatu Vridhi or increased levels of cholesterol lead to the obstruction of Strotas (arteries), resulting in various health hazards collectively termed as Sthaulya-Medorog. Our ancient health scriptures have also suggested remedial Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol, like Moringa, Arjuna, Alsi, and Turmeric, to reverse the hazardous effects of Medha Dhatu Vridhi.

To comprehend it in a simple and understandable way, Cholesterol is the fatty substance that gets accumulated in the body. It gets deposited in the arteries and veins and obstructs the blood flow, resulting in severe health conditions like hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and strokes. Ayurveda considers cholesterol the prime reason behind various chronic and deadly diseases and has suggested various Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol to reduce the high levels of cholesterol in the body.

How can you reduce cholesterol with AYUSHASTRA?

Ayushastra strongly believes in the ancient Vedic healing systems and has curated accessible and effective Ayurvedic medicines for treating substantial health hazards as perilous as cholesterol. We are constantly striving to bring authentic Ayurvedic solutions to the common reach in order to restore and retain the ideal health without any side effects.

After years of dedicated study and research, we have developed our ‘Moringa’ and ‘Heart Care’ tablets as the most effective and authentic Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol. These tablets have been made with 100% natural ingredients and best-quality herbs. Our medicines and tablets are free from any toxic chemicals and do not have any side effects. These are clinically tested and are Non-GMO Certified.

The recommended consumption of these Ayushastra Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol can lower the levels of cholesterol in your body while supplementing the presence of vital minerals and phytonutrients. So, reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension, and heart disease by ordering our ‘Moringa’ and ‘Heart Care’ tablets Right Now.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

According to Ayurveda, increased cholesterol is caused due to Kapha Dosha or Imbalanced Kapha. It can also be caused due to unregulated intake of alcohol, saturated and trans fat. Lack of physical activity and improper lifestyle can also enhance this problem. Genetics can also be blamed for the traces of high levels of cholesterol in the body. All in all, the level of cholesterol is highly affected by our lifestyle and food choices. However, it can be controlled with Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol, increased physical activity, and better food choices.

The body hints towards the increase in cholesterol by showing some warning signs like,

  • ● Laziness and inability to do physical activities.
  • ● Increased blood pressure.
  • ● Frequent urge to eat, drink and sleep.
  • ● Lack of sleep and appetite.
  • ● Pain in the chest while or after doing physical labor.
  • ● Fatty growth around the eyes.
  • ● Frequent headaches.
  • ● Dryness in mouth.
  • ● Experiencing pain in limbs and chest while walking.
  • ● Irregular bowels.

There are numerous critical health risks associated with high levels of cholesterol, such as,

  • ● Atherosclerosis, commonly referred to as the narrowing of the arteries.
  • ● Increased chances of getting a heart attack.
  • ● Strokes due to sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure.
  • ● Transient Ischaemic Attack, also known as a mini attack.
  • ● Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) or the narrowing of the arteries and blood vessels carrying blood from the heart to the legs.

These risks can be eliminated by making mindful lifestyle changes and the recommended consumption of Ayushastra’s Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol.

Ayurveda recommends an elaborate treatment for cholesterol which not only includes Ayurvedic medicines for cholesterol but also includes a healthy and heart-friendly lifestyle, yoga, breathing exercises, herbal supplements, and healthy food habits.

Natural herbs and products like moringa, arjuna, turmeric, and alsi are also great ayurvedic remedies for controlling cholesterol and boosting heart health. You can easily leverage the benefits of these medicinal herbs by ordering Ayushastra’s ‘Moringa’ and ‘Heart Care’ tablets online.

To control cholesterol, one should consume fruits and vegetables with high water content. Green leafy vegetables and sprouts should also be a part of your diet. Consuming whole grains and fiber-rich food is also suggested to aid bowel movement. The consumption of processed and refined food should be avoided as much as possible. Overconsumption of sugar, jaggery, and dairy products should also be reduced to bring cholesterol under control.