Men Wellness

Shukra Dhatu (Men Wellness)

Ayurveda defines three primary functioning aspects of the human body: Dosha, Dhatu, and Mala. A healthy individual is one who has balanced Doshas, balanced digestive fire, correctly formed Dhatus, proper removal of waste products, well-functioning physical functions, and whose mind, soul, and senses are full of happiness.

Shukra dhatu constitution has the main element like earth, followed by water, fire, and air. It is also the only dhatu that contains the element of space which makes it very special with both nourishing and rejuvenating action. Being the last and most important dhatu in this system, it is the key to vitality and longevity, thus responsible for the health of all the other tissues. It is made up of the male and female reproductive cells i.e sperm & ovum, which are produced in the testes and ovaries, where they nourish and revitalize. The production of Shukra dhatu is said to be influenced by the planetary cycles, as well as the seasons.

The function of Shukra dhatu is to nourish and rejuvenate the body. It does this by producing ojas, the body's vital energy- responsible for the body's immunity, strength, and vitality. It is what gives us the energy to live, and the strength to fight disease. In nutshell, Shukra dhatu is distributed throughout the body in the same way as ghee is distributed in milk and jaggery is distributed in sugarcane juice.

Shukra dushti diagnosis

Shukra dushti diagnosis can be easily done after certain assessment and lab parameters. Shukradhatu vitiation demonstrates pathology in the form of a hyper state or waning. This vitiation can cause infertility as well as a variety of other health and psychological problems.

  • 1. Increased Shukra dhatu manifests an increased urge for sex.
  • 2. Decreased state manifests in impotency, weakness, and infertility.
  • 3. The warning signs include premature ejaculation, loss of erection, weak muscles, wrinkled skin, premature greying of hair, loss of concentration power etc.

Since Shukra dhatu is regarded as the essence of all dhatus. As a result, its level in the body must be carefully maintained by;

  • • Consuming nourishing meals, & having a healthy lifestyle.
  • • Engaging in healthy sexual behaviour.
  • • Include herbs like ashwagandha, kapikacchu, Bala, gokshura, and Shatavari.
  • • Include eatables high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, protein, and fibre.
  • • Healthy lifestyle choices to nourish Shukra ie. enough sleep, reducing stress, exercising regularly

Ayurvedic medicine is founded on the principle of balance. In order to maintain balance in the body, Ayurveda recommends that we focus on the dhatus or tissues.

Shukra dhatu